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Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery is located in Benton Township just north of Aloha township, five miles southeast of Cheboygan on M-33 in Cheboygan County. Oak Hill Cemetery is owned by the townships of Aloha, Benton, Grant and Mullett. Residents of these townships can purchase up to four burial spaces for $100.00 each. For more information about Oak Hill Cemetery, call the cemetery clerk Teresa Sullivan at  (231) 625-9003

Cemetary Board Members

Chuck Maziasz, Chairman
Ph: (231) 625-2132 or (312) 543-0890 (mobile)

Ron Fenlon, Vice-Chairman
Ph: (231) 420-3388

Eric Boyd
Ph: (231) 625-2471

Mike Goerke
Ph: (231) 238-8808 or (231) 290-3159 (mobile)

Teresa Sullivan, Clerk
Ph: (231) 625-9003

Cemetary Rules

Effective November 1, 2012

  • No person shall destroy property, deface, apply graffiti to or otherwise injure any monument, sign, tree, plant, or other lawful item located within the cemetery.
  • No person shall disturb the peace or unreasonably annoy, harass or dusturb any other person who is lawfully present on the grounds of the cemetery.
  • No vehicles shall be permitted to drive on lawns or cemetery plots in the cemetery.
  • There shall be no monuments/headstones installed in the cemetery except those expressly allowed by the Cemetery Ordinance. Must be concrete or granite composition.
  • Foundations are required for all new monuments/ headstones and will be installed by Cemetery at owner’s expense.
  • All future grave surfaces must be planted grass and mowable by Cemetery Maintenance. The only acceptable grave surface is grass.
  • All existing grave surfaces that are currently any other material other than grass will be allowed to remain as long as they are maintained. Any modifications of a current surface will be required to be grass and follow the rules of the cemetery.
  • Statues, grave borders, animal statues, shadow boxes, private items or any other decorations including plastic flowers are prohibited except for specifically listed decorations below:
    • Veterans Flag(s)
    • One shepherd hook per burial site, located next to grave marker.
    • A one(1) foot area in front of the marker/monument can contain planted flowers, solar lights, votive lights, or small memorabilia items (maximum 18″ high) that do not interfere with grounds maintenance.
  • All refuse of any kind or nature including dried flowers, wreaths, grave blankets, papers, and flower containers must be removed or deposited in refuse containers located within the cemetery by April 15th of each year.
  • Tree and shrub planting is not encouraged. However, if a family desires to plant a tree or shrub, prior approval of Cemetery Board is required and an additional lot may have to be purchased.
  • There shall be no snowmobiles, dirt bikes, four wheelers, go-carts or similar vehicles allowed.
  • There shall be no possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverage.
  • There shall be no picnicking.
  • There shall be no solicitation or peddling of services or goods or any signs or placards advertising any goods or services.
  • There shall be no littering or dumping.
  • There shall be no unlawful interference with or disruption of a lawful funeral or funeral procession.
  • There shall be no private signs, lighting, moving displays or changeable copy on a sign.
  • There shall be no fires or open flames.
  • No children under twelve (12) years of age shall be allowed in Oak Hill Cemetery unless accompanied by an adult and properly supervised by an adult.
  • There shall be no dumping, vandalizing or tipping over of any lawful garbage container or receptacle.
  • Cemetery Board reserves the right to add, delete or amend the preceding rules as necessary.